Monthly Archive: March 2022

DOP Stock by The Tribe

Geelong Western Beach Boat Club Stock Video

March 30, 2022 This stock video shot taken with our 4k camera equipped drone pans over the boats on moorings sitting on glassy still water overlooking the Geelong Western Beach Boat Club. Cunningham Pier & Western Beach Boat Club throw shadows over the water, as the early morning light captures the colour and contrast of clouds on the...
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Stock Footage Geelong

Geelong Yacht Club Film Stock Shot

March 15, 2022 Shot with a 4k drone this quality film stock shot shows Geelong Yacht Club, Eastern Beach and the Geelong Waterfront. The composition displays stunning views of the city. The dusk sunlight creates an orange glow on the horizon as the gentle breeze ripples the water surface from northeast to the CBD. As on of many...
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