About Adam Tribe

Geelong Video Production Specialist

Adam Tribe is Managing Director of The Tribe and has been involved in the film and television industry since 1986.

He takes pride in the quality of training and expertise he’s gained over more than three decades. Adam has worked throughout Australia and internationally, and knows how to deliver the best value for your money.

Adam started at Iloura, Australia’s premier production house, before moving to the Nine Network. After four years with Nine, he went freelance as an editor before establishing The Tribe. His experience has seen him work on video clips for many international artists, large sporting events, documentaries, television commercials, corporate videos and a wide range of television programmes.

Married since 1993, he’s the proud father of three boys. Adam currently¬†lives in the centre of Geelong, in Victoria, Australia.

While traditionally dinghy sailing was his main sporting interest, like many his age, cycling has become the passion – and theoretically keeps him fit!

A mad Bombers supporter, Adam also loves watching the local footy. He enjoys spending time with his family including the simple things like kicking the footy or going for a spin on the motorbike.

He’s an open communicator, and an upbeat, intelligent, hard worker. He loves Geelong and loves the thought that his input can help your business.

Call Adam Tribe on +6 (0) 414 566 524 or contact The Tribe for Geelong video production services.