Video Producer Geelong

A video Producer’s role is to oversee, and be responsible for, every aspect of a video production from start to finish.

With over 30 years of experience, and as the owner of The Tribe, Adam Tribe is our senior Video Producer in Geelong.
The role requires experience and thorough understanding of everything from the business side of a project, right through to the creative. The video Producer is responsible for the budget, the crew, and the production process. Excellent communication skills are required as the role often serves as a conduit between a diverse range of people with varying perspectives.
As most budgets have limitations, a Producer will often turn their hand to some of the tasks needed to complete the job. It is not unusual for a Producer to be very hands on with anything from the budget, to scriptwriting and edit.
As the senior role within a production, the video Producer is usually the key contact for client interaction.

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