Video Camera Operator Geelong

With video so easy to capture on a phone this day and age, the talent of a professional Video Camera Operator in Geelong can often be overlooked.

A Camara Operator, often called a Cinematographer or Director of Photography (DOP), has an eye for detail. They skillfully combine their thorough knowledge of the cameras within the kit, and the various lenses on offer, with a host of other creative tools at their disposal to capture video shots with a perspective and objectivity normally overlooked by the uninitiated.
A path to professional camera operating should cover off all technical aspects of operating a camera – from white balance to exposures and framing to depth of focus. Once the basic operations are mastered, camera movement is an area that should be honed and perfected.

Using a professional Video Camera Operator is basic step one to a professional product.

Oh, and a hint, anybody who says “pan down” is not a professional Camera op!

If you’re looking for some professional camera work – we’d love to chat with you so please, get in touch!