Video Editor Geelong

The basic skill of a Video Editor is the ability to utilise a dedicated software package to place video shots into a particular sequence; Straight forward enough.
The same can be said about a Master Craftsman Woodworker; they possess an ability to shape some wood; Straight forward enough.
But these statements overlook the true skill – the true craft.
Just as a Master Woodworker takes some timber and creates a piece which evokes an emotional response – so does a professional Video Editor. The Editor’s familiarity with the chosen software leaves no barriers to the creative flow. A flow that allows the editor to tweak and change, often frame by frame, finessing the sequence and timing of a scene to evoke the right emotional response. A Master Editor is a student of human timing. The timing of a good laugh, a sad moment, a celebration, a defeat or victory.

If the timing is right for us the help you with some professional video editing, please get in touch for a chat, well look forward to speaking with you.