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Strategic Communications Video, Warrnambool

July 9, 2020 A key to successful strategic communications is to ensure you are on the front foot leading the narrative and anticipating with transparent and open media communications is key. In the modern media world time is of the essence, sadly many journalists are heavy on deadlines and quantity requirements and low on the time required to...
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Portarlington and Drysdale Community Branches utilise Facebook and Instagram

June 17, 2020 A big announcement for Portarlington and Drysdale Community Branches in late 2019 was the opening of a Facebook and Instagram account. Big news because being a bank there are a number of internal hoops that need to be stepped through in order to manage social media in a relatively conservative environment. Once the internal staff...
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Bisinella Developments Geelong modernise their in house video product

May 14, 2020 At the Tribe, we have proudly worked with Bisinella Developments for a number of years. When we were first approached Lino Bisinella was coming up to celebrate 50 years in business. For that celebration, we were contracted to put together a significant amount of video for presentation at the event as well as recording the...
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Video and Digital Communication, Geelong

April 14, 2020 With less person to person contact in our working lives – video and digital communications have become more valuable than ever. What is needed is a crafted, clear, consise communication. Short & to the point. Motivating and directional. A message to keep your team on point, focused and motivated. This doesn’t happen by accident! It’s...
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Portarlington and Drysdale Community Branches launch innovative video series

April 10, 2020 Innovation can deliver significant rewards. But in the business world innovation can be tricky. Innovation can be risky and expensive. Innovation can be a hard sell. In order to innovate, imagination is often required. It needs good planning, a certain amount of luck, a lot of thought and consideration, and often a team effort. Innovation...
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Video Communication during tough times, Geelong

March 25, 2020 Well, it certainly has been a challenging start to the calendar year! Droughts and flooding rains. Fires, creating their own weather. Smoke haze as thick as soup. And a coronavirus that shows how interconnected we all are! As we wrangle with how to keep our businesses operating smoothly through this difficult patch – we are...
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Tt Counteracting Negative Media

Counteracting negative media, Geelong

March 12, 2020 While negative media can be an instrument that leads to positive outcomes, sadly, we often hear clients speak of negative media that they strongly feel is unjustified. Often, there are accusations of cheap journalism focused more on deadlines, sensationalism, and quantity, rather than quality. Modern media professionals are indeed often under the pump. The pressure...
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Warrnambool Aged Care Videos & Digital Consulting

February 26, 2020 Aged Care is a growing market in Australia and deservedly has received plenty of attention in the public eye in recent years. Warrnambool boasts some of the best care available in the country with Lyndoch Living forging from strength to strength. It seems the modern era of Aged Care has awoken a sleeping giant in...
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Colac Area Health CEO, Geoff Iles retirement video package

February 12, 2020 Amongst a host of other events The Tribe proudly produced for Colac Area Health in 2019, was the retirement of their almost legendary Geoff IIles, CEO of Colac Area Health. Our work with Colac Area Health (CAH) began in 2017, when The Tribe was approached to produce a short series of videos focusing on the various...
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Colac Manufacturer Video Production and Social Media Project

January 29, 2020 With the downturn in manufacturing in Australia, it’s been pleasing to have been involved with a Colac Manufacturer video production and social media project and the documentation of some new product developments over the last 18 months. Our role is to video document the processes of creating the new product, producing marketing and digital content...
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