Yearly Archive: 2017

Learning Content, Geelong

December 5, 2017 Most video produced for online use has an educational aspect. E-learning – or electronic based learning – takes various forms, and often includes video content due to the unrivaled ability of video to show the nitty-gritty details! E-learning can utilise an LMS – or Learning Management System – which incorporates various forms of content from...
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Business Video, Geelong

November 21, 2017 Businesses large and small all over the globe harness the might of video production. There are a myriad of benefits for documenting business activities through video. Video is an accurate record of events, enables the information disseminated during a presentation or event to be shared via a wider audience, video greatly aids the recollection information...
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Geelong youtube videos

Video Documenting Change, Geelong

November 2, 2017 Change. For better or worse, we all see our share of it. It can be difficult. Confronting. It’s easy for us to focus on the negatives. But, change is a part of what makes us who we are. And there are normally positives to find. New beginnings. Fresh starts. New challenges. Positives that reveal themselves...
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Video Editing

e-Learning video, Geelong

October 19, 2017 Video is a powerful learning tool. Statistics tell us that recollection of information from video is higher than reading mountains of text. We live in a highly stimulating world! Demands on our time are greater and efficiency is key. Using video as a teaching tool not only maintains engagement but guarantees the correct and relevant...
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Use video for Instagram to market your business

September 27, 2017 Have you considered using video for Instagram to enhance the online profile of your business and engage with a potential audience of millions? This increasingly popular social networking app, which is based on images and video, is becoming a magnet for organisations across the world. And, with more than 600 million users every month, the...
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Make video part of your Facebook strategy

August 31, 2017 Australians are voracious consumers of social media, so it makes sound business sense to harness the power of video in your Facebook strategy and reap the rewards. Video for Facebook is a great way to lift the profile of your product, service or business, create a buzz and get recognised in a market place awash...
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Google visits Geelong and we’re excited!

March 26, 2017 It’s an exciting time for G-Town, as Google makes it way, joining forces with our good friends at Goop Digital to bring an evening of invaluable information. Goop Digital, along with Titan Digital – one of Australia’s largest digital marketing agencies – and Google are bringing to us the Digital Marketing Lab, which is designed...
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Western General Bodyworks Group call on The Tribe for video production in Geelong

March 12, 2017 Recently The Tribe was approached by a group who enquired about video production. That group was Western General Bodyworks Group, a chain of panel beating shops throughout Geelong, Melbourne and Queensland. Unlike most clients for The Tribe, ranking on Google for a panel beating shop isn’t quite their main priority, as most of their clients don’t...
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Geelong businesses sticking to their digital strategy game plan

February 23, 2017 Many a times we’ve heard the mantra from financial planners, particularly in tough times on the stock market or in economic terms saying “stick to the plan and don’t panic!” It’s often terminology used in sporting circles as well, and when it comes to our marketing we should definitely follow the same advice. STICK TO...
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