Make video part of your Facebook strategy

August 31, 2017

Australians are voracious consumers of social media, so it makes sound business sense to harness the power of video in your Facebook strategy and reap the rewards.

Video for Facebook is a great way to lift the profile of your product, service or business, create a buzz and get recognised in a market place awash with noise, text and advertising.

Let’s face it, smartphones have changed our lives and our daily routines. In our drive to stay connected and current, these mobile devices have become a staple of modern-day social interaction. And with billions of hours of videos watched on Facebook every month, there’s no denying viewers have a growing appetite for compelling video content.

That means the time is right to hireĀ a professional video production firm in Geelong as part of your online strategy and embrace the cost-effective marketing weapon that is video for Facebook.

Facebook and other social media channels can strongly influence people’s attitudes and buying decisions. In fact last year half of all purchases were made after people either watched social media profiles or looked at a product video.

At The Tribe, we are industry leaders when it comes video production. With more than three decades of experience, we’re passionate about crafting videos that hit the target for our clients and complement their online strategy. From concept and scripting through to editing and beyond, our skillful team creates videos that make people sit up and take notice for all the right reasons.

So don’t let your business fall behind. Be proactive and switch on the force that is video for Facebook. Contact The Tribe in Geelong for more information.