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Export preparation using video, Geelong

September 24, 2019 The work being done by government to negotiate various free trade agreements (FTA’s) offers some worthy incentives for Australian businesses. Tariff reductions, or removal, can greatly increase Australian business competitiveness in foreign markets. There is a host of assistance available via Austrade and other government arms associated with FTA’s. Their recommendations include a host of suggestions...
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Strategic planning, execution and video inclusion, Geelong

September 12, 2019 Strategic planning and execution can be tricky, and the practice of assessing data and long term planning complex. The development of a suitable plan, and then the execution of that plan requires big-picture perspective and discipline. From a small business point of view this type of strategic planning and execution is often left to the...
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Video Production Cost, Warrnambool

July 30, 2019 Providing a straight answer to the question of ‘what will a video cost?’ can be tricky. I often liken it to asking, ‘what will a new kitchen for my house will cost?’ Now, I know I can go down to Bunnings in Warrnambool and get a kitchen for $3,000 and install it myself. Perhaps ending...
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YouTube, Colac

July 16, 2019 If you’re a Colac business looking to use YouTube video to promote your goods or services, chances are you’re on the right track! There’s a lot of good reasons for using YouTube video.  YouTube video is excellent search engine optimisation content.  Video is an excellent way to show people what you do, rather than just...
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Digital Advice Consultant, Warrnambool

July 2, 2019 The world of digital advice can be complicated and confusing! As the internet has positioned itself to seemingly dominate the world, the onslaught of digital advice seems to come from all corners, often baffling us with what seems to be high-tech geek speak! After 30 years in the media game & working all over the...
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Video & Digital Support Package, Geelong

Google Voice To Text For Video, Geelong

June 18, 2019 Video is a very powerful tool, ever since the advent of television the power of video has been evident, and sat as the king of marketing tools. Even today, the average person has trouble taking their eyes off the screen when video is playing nearby. Take a look the next time you’re in a pub...
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Video in a hurry, Geelong

June 4, 2019 In our game, we often hear the words ‘you’re only as good as your last gig’! Which flippantly refers to the thought of many in the industry, particularly in the freelance world, who believe that how they are perceived is based mainly on their last job! It means they need to take pride in everything...
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Ranking on Google, Warrnambool

May 21, 2019 I was sitting with the wife the other night thinking about what we might do over Easter, so I went on Google to search ‘Easter festivals Victoria’. A few weeks ago, I was fixing something on my motorcycle, so I went onto Google and searched ‘new clutch cable Honda CB900’. Recently our fridge died, so...
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Digital Strategy, Colac

May 7, 2019 Managing a digital strategy, or a plan on how to manage online activity, can get complicated. While once focused on television and film work, this day and age The Tribe’s core focus is producing video for online use. Video used online is an incredibly powerful tool, however, many clients fail to utilise the full power...
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Explainer Video, Geelong

April 23, 2019 The term ‘explainer video’ is a relatively new one and basically means a short video that explains a product, service, process or otherwise communicates a message. Usually, but not always, animated, the term ‘explainer video’ is essentially a new name for a long-standing ,product. In the past referred to as an ‘ad’ or corporate video....
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