Video in a hurry, Geelong

June 4, 2019

In our game, we often hear the words ‘you’re only as good as your last gig’! Which flippantly refers to the thought of many in the industry, particularly in the freelance world, who believe that how they are perceived is based mainly on their last job! It means they need to take pride in everything they do, because people won’t look back too far to assess their standard of work.

At The Tribe we can proudly look at recent jobs as an assessment of our standard of work. But equally, we can look back into our archives and be safe in the knowledge that our work is of excellent quality and standard.

The video production work that we complete often has a wide range of requirements and constraints put upon us by the needs of our clients. The opportunities available at locations when shooting, budget, and a range of other factors can all impact of the quality of the final product. Sometimes clients contact us because they need video in a hurry.

One recent example was the video below produced for Agriculture Victoria.

Over recent years, Agriculture Victoria has become a regular client for The Tribe, and normally we have plenty of lead time, but that was not the case on this occasion. On a very short time frame we were contacted with the request to produce two videos;
– one to used at an upcoming awards ceremony, and then released on Facebook, announcing that a project undertaken by Agriculture Victoria in conjunction with industry had won an award
– the second video was to announce that work being undertaken to ensure detected bio-threats would not impact on industry, had been successful and was now complete

We had very little time to prepare, and travel to Castlemaine to shoot the required footage. However, our many years of experience and well-forged relationship with Agriculture Victoria, enabled us to arrive to the shoot well prepared and ready to go. The video was edited and delivered within 18 hours of the shoot completion. Our client was extremely satisfied with the result, which included subtitles, and received a very positive response at the awards ceremony only days later – along with a healthy interaction via Facebook to both the award video and the bio-threat response video.

Bees Video On Facebook


Another example of a recent project is this video produced for Lyndoch Living in Warrnambool about an artist in residence, Jimmi Buscombe. Jimmi has been contracted by Lyndoch to achieve a multilayered goal. The first, and most obvious layer, is to beautify the walls, ceilings, floors and any other object he chooses, within the Lyndoch properties – the other layer is to engage, inspire and create interest and conversation amongst the residence and staff at Lyndoch Living. This video was also turned around over a relatively short period on time, and once again shows the skill on hand at The Tribe.


Our many years of experience comes to the fore in situations such as filling the need for video in a hurry.
Being in a rush should not mean cutting corners! What it means to us at The Tribe is to remain focused and professional. To not panic. And to draw on our extensive experience to deliver professional, high quality product to our clients.
If you’d like to talk to us about video in a hurry, please contact us at The Tribe and we’ll look forward to speaking with you.