Google Voice To Text For Video, Geelong

June 18, 2019

Video is a very powerful tool, ever since the advent of television the power of video has been evident, and sat as the king of marketing tools. Even today, the average person has trouble taking their eyes off the screen when video is playing nearby. Take a look the next time you’re in a pub or restaurant where a television is playing in the corner of the room. You’ll soon notice how often people will divert their eyes from the conversation to take a quick peek at the video playing on the screen. It’s not necessarily a terribly polite thing – but it is a powerful thing!

When we go online, algorithms rule our world. Algorithms are the mathematical sequences ticking over in the background that help the internet understand what we’re looking for and put the right things in our line of sight to help us find stuff. The algorithms are complex and they work based on SEO content, or search engine optimised content; things like written text, pictures and, the all important, video.

The usage rate of video online is astronomical. The amount of video watched on any given day eclipses most online content. For the dominant search engines such as Google, the king of search engines, to really do its job well, the boffins at Google had to figure out how to understand what was being spoken about within the millions and billions, possibly even trillions, of minutes worth of video that exists on the internet. And so the initial invention, and overtime improvement of, Google voice to text for video technology has been one focus of activity.

Voice to text essentially means that your computer can figure out what words are being said by a voice and convert it into text. The beauty of this for search engines, such as Google, is that when a user is looking for a particular bit of information Google is able to more accurately point them in the right direction. In days gone by your video may have ad included spoken words about a particular subject but Google was unable to understand those spoken words. Thanks to voice to text that has all changed, and Google can now understand the spoken word and convert it into text.

So what does this mean for the average publisher of video on the internet? Well, it means that videos associated with your goods and services on your website are now all the more powerful as SEO, and contribute more productively to the task of attracting customers to your website. The great thing about all of this is that it’s all happening automatically in the background, there’s no need for you to do anything other than publish your videos! So get to – go out and multiply those videos! Or if you need a hand doing it, get in touch with us at The Tribe. We’ll look forward to speaking with you.