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We Answer Your Questions

How long will the video take to make?

Some of our services are specifically designed for a quick turnaround – even as short as a few hours! We’ve also had some reasonably large jobs needing to be pulled together very quickly, with little notice. However, the average is between 3 and 6 weeks. This allows for good interaction and planning in the early stages to ensure the correct message is communicated.

What equipment do I need to supply to the process?

Generally you will only need to supply items that are normal in your day-to-day operation. Of course each case is different, and we will discuss these details with you – but as a general rule we’ll bring all the equipment required.

What quality is the video recording?

All of The Tribe’s production process is Broadcast Standard and High Definition (HD). This means your master will be of this standard too. Depending on the delivery medium, we’ll compress the video accordingly – in other words, we’ll finish the video in broadcast HD quality, and make a copy for use on YouTube, DVD or on your website as needed.

Will I have the chance to look at the project before it is complete?

Yes, we build a number of key check points into the process to allow for discussion and interaction. These interactions ensure the video production project is on target for time, budget and the key message(s) are communicated.
(NB: this does not apply to our video News – or Update situations. We can discuss that separately.)

How does the process work?

As a guide, we’ll meet with you to discuss your needs and inform you of an estimate. If the estimate fits within your budget we’ll request more detailed information from your business to help us finalise a brief. This may involve you supplying a strategic plan, a marketing plan, or an event outline. Obviously every business is different, and often we help develop these documents as we work on the video, taking the information we need from your site and from you directly.

Once we sign off on a brief and the quote, we usually begin on a script – building in key sign-off points so you’re happy the work is progressing as agreed. As the script develops we begin sourcing and booking other requirements such as locations, set, props and crew. The shoot day or days come next and are always very busy but good fun too!

After the shoot we record any voice-overs and head into the edit suite where we select the music and weave the magic – including animating your logo and incorporating graphics. Again, this part of the process has a number of opportunities for feedback and interaction – to make sure we get the finished product just right!

Where will you shoot my video?

We’ll discuss the locations with you as we develop the concept. The Tribe has a purpose build sound and light prove studio in North Geelong. This studio may prove to be the best option for your video, or, it may be that we just shoot some of your video in this studio. There are numerous other location options. Often the locations are your place of work or the workplace of an associate or client. We work with you to arrange these details and always work in a way that minimises interruption. Our experience is that our shoots are normally seen as a highlight for the week, with the staff enjoying the process – sending us on your behalf to a client’s workplace for a shot often seems to strengthen the relationship!

Do I need to supply Disclaimers or Release Forms?

It’s often a good idea to cover your business by having your staff, or anybody on camera, sign a Release. We have Release forms and can supply them to you if you like. We can also assist by having them with us on the shoot day, and ensuring they’re signed as needed. Generally people are very happy to be involved, and those that aren’t understand we are protecting their interests by asking!

Do you have studio facilities?

Yes. The Tribe has a propose built sound and light prove video production studio in North Geelong. All of our quotes and card rates include access and the use of our studio where required. This is a offering that’s very rare in Geelong. We very proudly offer it to you. Our Studio is available for hire for other events and production companies, however, is normally very heavily booked with The Tribe work.

Do you cover location fees?

This varies with the job. Normally we’re able to avoid location fees altogether. Other times we include them in the quote. We’ll discuss this with you as the need arises.

What areas do you service?

Based in Geelong, we’re the first choice for local businesses looking for Geelong television production companies to shoot their corporate videos, or oversee their You Tube video production or television commercial production.

Since 2014 our client base had grown to include Whinchesea, Colac and Warrnambool. We now service nurmous clients from all of these areas with a particular focus on our expertise in social media and e-Learning video production.

We also provide our services throughout the Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula, Werribee, Altona and Altona North areas.