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The Tribe is a professional video, TV and film production company with a wealth of industry experience. The result – all our clients – whether national, international or local – enjoy our unsurpassed level of expertise.

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We provide a range of services for your video production communication – including:


Complement your message delivery with engaging video communication. Whether the video’s function is to introduce a concept, complement a presentation or as a standalone marketing tool, The Tribe delivers powerful and effective packages, on time and on budget! Video production can be complicated and can quickly become expensive! With over 25 years’ experience in corporate...
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E-Learning Video

We live a highly stimulating world! Demands on our time are greater and efficiency is key. Video as a teaching tool maintains engagement, is precise in the delivery of information and aids recollection. The Tribe has extensive experience producing e-learning video content. Our video content has been utilised in a number of ways – from...
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We see our involvement in events as an area of huge potential both for your business and ours. Traditionally, getting video coverage of an event to a mass audience meant TV – and you’d have to pay a significant sum for the pleasure of your product going to air at some obscure time on some...
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Home Video

Do you have years and years of family birthdays, holidays and Christmases on old VHS tapes? The Tribe’s extensive experience in professional video production makes us the ideal experts to trust with your most treasured family memories. No matter how small the job, we’re here to help with any video editing Geelong needs. Whether you want to edit...
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Social Media

Problem: How do you use the power of video engagement on a regular basis while keeping costs in check? Solution: Use The Tribe’s Video Update Packages! We provide web video services for YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and have designed our Video Update Packages specifically for this use. The packages range in duration, style and cost...
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If you’re looking for a slick, professional TV Production Company in Geelong, you’ve found it! The Tribe has over 25 years’ experience as the local experts. The Tribe has worked with all Australia’s free-to-air channels. We’ve also worked with many cable channels, production houses and international broadcasters including ESPN, TWI and ZDF. Our vast experience...
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