Event Video Production Geelong

We see our involvement in events as an area of huge potential both for your business and ours.

Traditionally, getting video coverage of an event to a mass audience meant TV – and you’d have to pay a significant sum for the pleasure of your product going to air at some obscure time on some obscure channel!

But those days are gone. Using the modern media landscape, The Tribe can grow your video viewing audience at just a fraction of the cost.

We have event video production packages starting at as little as $2085 (ex GST) per package! We’ll work with you to grow the audience for the video packages and the success of your event.

The Tribe covers your event in a similar way to that of a TV news crew. We’ll shoot, report, edit, voice, apply music and upload the completed story for the viewing audience. We’ll help you to work with your social media, including You Tube video production, to get the word out.

With over 25 years professional experience, The Tribe creates a first-class event video package on a very fast turnaround deadline. Viewers will be enjoying the package within hours of the event’s completion!

This coverage has the potential to deliver a larger audience than most events would garner from TV. Plus, this leaves the event in a strong position to make the jump to TV if the time comes.

If you want to get people talking about your event, it needs video coverage – and The Tribe are your experts.

Contact The Tribe about all your Geelong digital video production requirements whether for corporate, business or personal needs.