Ranking on Google, Warrnambool

May 21, 2019

I was sitting with the wife the other night thinking about what we might do over Easter, so I went on Google to search ‘Easter festivals Victoria’. A few weeks ago, I was fixing something on my motorcycle, so I went onto Google and searched ‘new clutch cable Honda CB900’. Recently our fridge died, so my wife and I went onto Google and searched ‘new double door stainless steel fridge’. Searching Google is common place; many years ago people would have defaulted to the Yellow Pages. These days it’s Google!  That means if you’re a business, or offering a service, being found on Google is important!

So how do you rank on Google? And what does ‘ranking on Google‘ mean?

When someone searches a term in Google – as per my three examples – Google presents the user with a list of options. Google then needs to make a decision on which option to put at the top of the list and which option to put at the bottom. This is what is meant by the term ranking; the system of putting one website at the top of the list and then trickling down, all the way down to the website that is, sadly, deemed to sit at the bottom of the list. It is important to sit at or near the top of the list because the users tend to click the website sitting at the top of the list. They rarely go to the second page of Google or to the 150th website on the list (if there is one)! So ranking is important because people only look at the first few options to make their decisions.

So the question then needs to be asked; how do I make my website rank well on Google?

The answer to that question is multifaceted – but there are a series of steps that, with a bit of patience, will ensure success. They start with a well-built and SEOed website. SEO means; Search Engine Optimised – and as this is the first vital step (this is often where the ‘build-it-yourself’ websites can create a problem). The next step is blogging, which means; including regular news about activity that you add to your website. Once you have those two key items or activities in place, adding features such as video becomes an incredibly powerful tool.

The Tribe has been working in Warrnambool for a number of years and we pride ourselves on our high quality video production expertise and digital consulting abilities. We specialise in helping clients rank on Google. If you’re needing a conversation about how to rank on Google, get in touch with us for a chat. We’ll be more than happy to give you some ideas on where to start. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.