Digital Strategy, Colac

May 7, 2019

Managing a digital strategy, or a plan on how to manage online activity, can get complicated. While once focused on television and film work, this day and age The Tribe’s core focus is producing video for online use. Video used online is an incredibly powerful tool, however, many clients fail to utilise the full power of the video they possess due to a lack of a digital strategy; and so we spend a reasonable amount of our time discussing digital strategy with our clients.

In an attempt to help our clients better prepare and execute a digital strategy, or digital plan, in 2018 The Tribe launched a digital consulting arm, The Tribe DC. Our digital consulting is a service specifically designed to help clients create a plan for their online
activity including;
– looking into what it will cost
– their expected returns
– and most importantly, assisting them to execute the plan.

Experience has shown us that many plans are very enthusiastically created but often the execution is incomplete. The plan does not need to be complex and confusing; it needs to be straightforward enough for all involved to understand. All team members need to be able to plan ahead and prioritise their work, respect the importance of the steps within the plan and then execute it. Often these plans are simply created on an Excel document. Some clients use more complex systems such as Trello or a digital strategy calendar, but ultimately how the plan is documented needs to fit the clients style and expectations.

At The Tribe we focus on understanding the needs of the client and the style that suits them best. We maximise the chance of clients achieving their digital strategy goals and executing their plan. We have been working in the Colac region for many years and invite you to contact us to see if we can help you to plan and execute your online strategy. We look forward to speaking with you.