Export preparation using video, Geelong

September 24, 2019

The work being done by government to negotiate various free trade agreements (FTA’s) offers some worthy incentives for Australian businesses. Tariff reductions, or removal, can greatly increase Australian business competitiveness in foreign markets.
There is a host of assistance available via Austrade and other government arms associated with FTA’s. Their recommendations include a host of suggestions including market evaluation and product suitability studies.

The Tribe is a video production company, and when it comes to exporting product, our skills and services can assist by allowing potential customers and distributors a visual introduction to your products and services.

A professionally produced video is an ideal tool to enable you to display your wares. Whether the video sits on your website, or is part of an email campaign, delivered on a usb thumb drive, or displayed at trade shows, video is a powerful marketing tool and an ideal way to bridge the language gap.

At The Tribe, we have worked internationally for over 20 years and offer an array of services including foreign language voice over ability and subtitles.

If you’re looking at exporting a product and developing a suite of tools to help communicate to foreign markets, we’d urge you to consider speaking to The Tribe about video production.