Video Camera Work, Geelong

January 22, 2020

The Tribe is a video production company based in North Geelong that specialises in all facets of video production. Established in 1993, working mainly within the Television and Film sectors of the industry, our experience is extensive.

In a fast-moving industry, the video production game is always on the move and subject to change. Not only do techniques and styles change but so do the needs and desires of the clients. Video camera work is one facet of the wider video production service The Tribe offers and even within this particular facet, the skills and equipment required to achieve a professional outcome are wide and can often be underestimated.

At The Tribe, we have 8 different video cameras within our kit, all with different strengths and features. Some cameras allow us to change situations and settings quickly to enable us to record a lot of footage in a short period of time. Other equipment takes a little longer to set up but allows us to focus more on beauty and precision of shots as opposed to gathering a lot of footage within a short period of time. And some cameras enable us to go under water, or become airborne to gain those oh so desirable drone like shots! As with the equipment, the skills required to professionally operate a video camera range greatly depending on the job, and require time and dedication to develop and maintain to a high standard.

As the Tribe is a video production company, our video camera operating skills are regularly in use and regularly challenged depending on the needs of the client. This ensures that we remain sharp and that our abilities stay at the top of our game. We’re very proud of our video camera work and our abilities to work with clients to ensure they achieve the outcome they desire.

If you’re looking for video camera work in Geelong, we’re certainly worth a call, and a discussion, to see whether we can help you with your project. We look forward to speaking with you.