Colac Manufacturer Video Production and Social Media Project

January 29, 2020

With the downturn in manufacturing in Australia, it’s been pleasing to have been involved with a Colac Manufacturer video production and social media project and the documentation of some new product developments over the last 18 months.

Our role is to video document the processes of creating the new product, producing marketing and digital content material. This marketing is via website and other online activity and content creation. The Tribe, via TTDC, is also managing the publishing of the content directly for the client.

As many segments of the manufacturing industry in Australia have unfortunately wound down, often moving overseas, building activity has been on the increase at a prolific rate. Some manufacturing products do not support offshore options and so bases such as Colac remain not only tenable but potentially very profitable. This potential is great news for towns like Colac as this potential means jobs and livelihoods. However, for this process to be successful, customers need to be aware of its existence. The foresight to video document the process and utilise the extended reach of the online world to spread the benefits of the product is good business indeed.

Over the coming months, we will begin to support the digital activity of the product via our own online and social media so stay tuned as The Tribe does its bit to support manufacturing in Colac.