Colac Area Health CEO, Geoff Iles retirement video package

February 12, 2020

Amongst a host of other events The Tribe proudly produced for Colac Area Health in 2019, was the retirement of their almost legendary Geoff IIles, CEO of Colac Area Health.

Our work with Colac Area Health (CAH) began in 2017, when The Tribe was approached to produce a short series of videos focusing on the various services offered to the community by CAH. Some of the videos within the series featured Geoff on camera and were examples of his style of respecting tradition while embracing all the benefits of the modern world. This mindset seemed to permeate many of the initiatives and programs instigated with Geoff at the helm.

When in 2019, the time came for Geoff to retire, Geoff’s Executive Assistant, Kelly Reynolds, in conjunction with other management including members of the board, approached The Tribe to prepare some video packaging as a thank you to Geoff. The packaging looked back at Geoff’s tenure and provided an opportunity for wide involvement from staff members both current and past, board members, patients, and anyone in the wider community. The video was produced in secrecy with a range of efforts put in place to ensure it was presented as a surprise to Geoff when the time was right.

In addition to creating video prior to his retirement, The Tribe was also in attendance at the function on the evening of Geoff’s retirement, where we shot footage for use within the packages, along with some additional comments and greetings for Geoff’s eyes only.

After the event, we set to editing the footage together, moulding it into 3 distinct styles:

  1. Featuring reflective, nostalgic thoughts and comments
  2. A bit lighter and fun, looking back at various, silly times as occurred on occasion
  3. And the final section, featuring more heartfelt goodbyes – as Geoff had certainly had a powerful impact on those who worked with him.

Whilst The Tribe was not in attendance when the packaging was given to Geoff, and nobody was with Geoff when he watched the video packages in entirety, the reports were that he was very touched by the work and that it helped enormously to show the appreciation for his many years of dedication to such a great and important community asset.

The Tribe was very proud to be involved in such a project and we wish Geoff all the best in his future endeavors.