Warrnambool Aged Care Videos & Digital Consulting

February 26, 2020

Aged Care is a growing market in Australia and deservedly has received plenty of attention in the public eye in recent years. Warrnambool boasts some of the best care available in the country with Lyndoch Living forging from strength to strength. It seems the modern era of Aged Care has awoken a sleeping giant in Lyndoch, with its current management style being dynamic, upbeat, and forward thinking, with a firm eye on the big picture, whilst enabling thorough professionalism on the vital day to day services and tasks. It has been a privilege for The Tribe to be involved with Lyndoch over the past 2 years.

We have walked with Lyndoch down the digital path, with Lyndoch’s original approach to The Tribe being to discuss video production with the possibility of using television as a medium. As our relationship grew, however, Lyndoch welcomed our expertise in all things digital and so began a digital consulting role that integrated with our Video Production. This role saw the Lyndoch website platform modernised to enable SEO management – which in turn allows potential clients and users of Lyndoch services to more easily find them online. The process also included content creation for the likes of website blogging, Facebook posts, and YouTube. The content we created, and continue to create, spans many subject areas from services offered to corporate updates and Christmas greetings.

As Lyndoch continues to look to the future with a host of new services, buildings and acquisitions taking place, The Tribe is proud to be involved and able to assist. We look forward to continuing our engagement for the long term.

If you have video production or digital consulting needs, please contact us here, we’d love to discuss them with you.