Counteracting negative media, Geelong

March 12, 2020

While negative media can be an instrument that leads to positive outcomes, sadly, we often hear clients speak of negative media that they strongly feel is unjustified. Often, there are accusations of cheap journalism focused more on deadlines, sensationalism, and quantity, rather than quality.

Modern media professionals are indeed often under the pump. The pressure to create content in the current day very fast-moving news cycle is ever present, and sadly it does seem true that this pressure often leads to less than ideal reporting. Additionally, it does seem that once an angle has been taken, shaking that impression in the public eye is difficult to do. A sensible preventative tactic to avoid this is to employ anticipation and transparency.

Our experience shows that clients who are on the front foot, feeding information openly and proactively to both journalists and the public, maintain more influence over the narrative.

Over many years, The Tribe has been involved in the video component of this flow of information. In years gone by, when working with the likes of the Nine Network, we would from time to time work with clients to create what was called an electronic press kit or EPK. An EPK is a suite of video clips pre-recorded with the client on camera. The clips explain the situation with the message shaped as desired for public consumption. These clips were also complemented with printed information such as media releases. In modern times, we regularly assist clients with the release of video information in advance of large public announcements and other events where our clients may anticipate media attention – particularly in situations where they anticipate a negative slant may be taken. These video clips are distributed and published via websites, social media, and FTP for use in more professional circles. Again, the clips are complemented with media releases and other information for public and media consumption.

The Tribe has worked with numerous PR companies, in conjunction with our clients, over many years to help influence the narrative with the aim of a less negative slant.  Often, we provide these services on a quick turnaround and short notice.

If you’d like to talk to us about counteracting negative media utilising video, contact us at The Tribe. We look forward to speaking with you.