Video Communication during tough times, Geelong

March 25, 2020

Well, it certainly has been a challenging start to the calendar year!

Droughts and flooding rains. Fires, creating their own weather. Smoke haze as thick as soup. And a coronavirus that shows how interconnected we all are!

As we wrangle with how to keep our businesses operating smoothly through this difficult patch – we are finding ourselves looking at solutions to new problems.
In times of restricted mass gatherings, social distancing, personal hygiene regimes and self-isolation, clear and consistent communication can be a challenge.

Video can be a part of the solution. The Tribe’s video production expertise, and our North Geelong studio, offers the opportunity to create consistent, clear video messages in a safe environment, boasting easy access, plenty of social distancing and thorough personal hygiene! (we promise!)

We can create a safe recording environment that maintains safe distance and allows profession, quality video recording and production. An environment that allows you to arrive, record and leave. We can also provide voice overs along with a host of other work-arounds to help you to communicate clearly and concisely.
Video can help you to communicate during tough times. If you think we might be a part of your solution, please don’t hesitate to discuss your thoughts and ideas with us.

We wish you all the very best in these challenging times, and hope to work with you soon.