Geelong businesses sticking to their digital strategy game plan

February 23, 2017

Many a times we’ve heard the mantra from financial planners, particularly in tough times on the stock market or in economic terms saying “stick to the plan and don’t panic!” It’s often terminology used in sporting circles as well, and when it comes to our marketing we should definitely follow the same advice.


In recent years The Tribe has been focusing on incorporating video on a regular basis into digital strategies on behalf of our clients. The benefits of this are featured in many of our blogs and also feature widely across the internet.

However, some clients panic and don’t stick to the game plan. And sadly we have had a number of clients who have gotten a third of the way in to a 12 month digital strategy, panicked and changed direction with their video.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve come and said they don’t want to complete the package they’ve purchased, which may well be 12 videos in 12 months, but they’ve decide they’re going to try and change the purpose of the videos. And of course that’s fine if that’s what you, our client, chooses to do. But at the end of the day that isn’t going to help you achieve your goals and the goals set out by a good digital strategy.

A good digital strategy should set out to achieve clear goals. Goals such as:

  • dominating in your google rankings
  • achieving certain sales figures
  • increasing exposure, or
  • driving traffic to a website.

The beauty of utilising video online in the modern age is that we can analyse where our traffic is coming from and what benefit the video integration is bringing.

But there are a wide number of variables, and how the information is gathered and processed by google and how google finally decides where to rank your website is just an example of those variables. What that means is, that you can’t tell whether a strategy is working in the short term. You need to stick to the game plan and look at it over the long term.

We recommend our clients analyse their rankings quarterly, because if they do it more regularly, the activity that they’re building into their digital strategy will not be taken into account by the google algorithms that determine your ranking. And so a digital strategy needs to play out over time.

Google rewards consistency. Google rewards persistence.

A recent example of a client who understands the importance of a clear simple digital strategy and has the discipline to stick to it is City to Surf Solar.

When we first discussed video with City to Surf Solar, as with many clients, the possibility of an “about us” type video was on the table. However after a few discussions with the management team and after explaining the benefits of a strategy built around keywords and video to support that, they quickly agreed that the best way to tackle their digital strategy, including video, was to be very specific with each video, being very specifically built around a keyword.

A great example: Solar Panel Batteries Geelong.

We are now slated to do a video about solar panel batteries Geelong as one in a series of videos. It’s a very specific title and the video will mirror that. This will reap many benefits for City to Surf Solar’s rankings and will serve as a strong example of how to stick to a game plan for maximum benefit.

If you’re building a digital strategy you need to have the courage and the fortitude to stick to the game plan. So if you’d like to talk to us about sticking to your game plan, we’d love to hear from you.