Regular video inclusion in your digital strategy puts you ahead in a competitive market

February 9, 2017

Over a year ago now The Tribe was approached by Hesse Rural Health, the public health service provider who’s head office is based in Winchelsea, to record some video of a seminar they were running called the Competitive Edge.

Run in conjunction with some other businesses, this seminar was designed to discuss, along with other public health sector professionals, how to position their businesses in an emerging competitive market.

Traditionally the public health sector hasn’t been required to think as a competative business, but as more private providers are beginning to dominate the market, the boards and executive management in the public health services had to change their way of thinking to become competitive. So this seminar was to discuss exactly how to do that and in an area that was quite foreign to many of the people who attended.

A range of topics were discussed, from appropriate architecture for dementia, to how to present aged care accommodation to ageing potential clients; to radio and television advertising, digital strategies and online presence.

On the back of the work we did with the Competitive Edge seminar, Hesse Rural Health invited us to consult with them about their digital presence, with a particular focus on video inclusion. Together we created a strategy that now see’s them blogging regularly on their website, and via this, inform the public about the various activities and services that are available through their wonderful health service.

For Hesse, including regular video works importantly on two levels:

  1. it’s a nice visual way for people to learn, see and understand the services
  2. but probably more importantly, when people are searching for their services online, the combination of a good website, regular blogging and video, means that Hesse Rural Health now competes very strongly in a google search.

This is where they have gained their competitive edge and that was the purpose of our activity and that’s what we have achieved.

Hesse Rural Health, with the help of implementing this among other things, is now an initiative rural health service leading the way not only in regional Victoria but throughout Australia. And in many cases they’re often held up as a great example on the world scale.

The team at The Tribe are extremely proud to have been part of their innovation; they have taken our expertise and advice, embraced it and allowed us to be part of a team that is kicking goals in the public health sector.

We take pride in using Hesse Rural Health as an example of embracing video in a digital format to benefit their business, but also as an example to you, our other clients, of what video can achieve for you.

We want to help you bring customers to your door! 

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