A one man band or a whole production team, we’ve got videography sorted in Geelong!

January 10, 2017

The term videographer is a relatively recent term and has become a word used to help define some subtle differences between the tradition terms used within our industry.

In the past there were two key streams to video or film production; there was the video arm which was largely focused on television production, and there was the film arm which was focused largely on cinema. While there were many things in common with the two processes and production types, there were also some key differences.

Some of the similarities were the physical process itself and the disciplines needed to manage the process from start to finish, and effectively! All this while also keeping it within budget and achieving the creative outcomes required as well as any other outcomes needed, such as marketing.

But from our perspective, after years of working within the film and television industry, the main differences were the balance between the creative process and budget. In the video or television side of production there was a larger emphasis on the budget and marketing requirements of the process. So it was much more important to stick to your budgets and timeframes, and very important for you to achieve the required message in your finished product.

Whereas cinematography, or film, the leaning was much more towards the creative, and so time frames and budgetary constraints were less of a focus. In our perception, at least, this means it was much more often that things would go over budget in a cinematography situation than it would in a video or television situation.

The word videography – video (in latin) = i see, graphy (in greek) = to write or record – largely means a one person operation, someone who’s capable of shooting, recording audio, editing, producing, directing and writing your script, basically putting the whole package together.

In the past, terms such as documentary maker or small film crew or small video production unit, might be terms similar to what we now call a videographer.

With The Tribes background largely being in video broadcast, some of the terms we’re often more comfortable with are video production or camera operator and we still break a lot of the terms down into the individual disciplines such as editor, producer and director.

However, the reality is that The Tribe is a business that does deliver the service of videography, meaning if it’s a videographer you’re after, a videographer you can have. You may receive a one man band, meaning the person that scripts your project will also shoot it, record the audio, edit it and return it to you completed. Or we may use our team of experts to do different parts of that process; one person may come and do the camera operating, while another does the editing, etc.

Regardless, if you’re looking for videography services, we can provide that and much more! Drop us a line and enquire with our team of experts here.