The Tribe, Geelong: Your video production experts!

January 3, 2017

The Tribe is a Geelong based video production company. But just saying video production doesn’t really sum up what we do.

We have a background that is very firmly set in television and over the years we have turned our hands to many different projects. However these days our focus is mainly on producing videos for online, but still that video production takes many different forms.

Videography is a term that is used a lot in this day and age, which implies essentially a solo one person set up who follows a project right from the start all the way through to the finish, turning their hands to all the required disciplines needed for the project.

At The Tribe we can provide that type of service too, but what we can also do is provide you with a team of people who specialise in their field, meaning that we can have specialised writing, shooting, editing, directing and a range of other skills which will bring a higher level of expertise.

Our video production projects can range from multiple cameras on a live coverage event, similar to what you might see going to air in a television arrangement; but we can also produce videos with multiple cameras for live streaming on the internet or if you prefer can be used to stream at a later date; it may be feeding a big screen at an event or recorded for some other turnaround to be used in the future. At times we’ll do a two camera shoot that will be edited after the event and sometimes our projects only utilise action cameras such as GoPro’s.

Our video productions range from small scale to large scale, from straightforward to complex.  This is what sets us apart.

Each job has its own challenges, own needs and obviously its own creative goals. And under the broader umbrella of video production, The Tribe is able to deliver services to satisfy our clients needs.

So if you’re needing video production services and wanting a team that can provide you with the specialised services you deserve, get in touch with us here.