You need go no further than The Tribe for video editing in Geelong

December 27, 2016

A key part of the production services The Tribe provides to Geelong and the surrounding regions is video editing.

The Tribe was set up many years ago by two people who met while working as editors at Channel 9 in Melbourne and who both worked in what was at that stage the video tape department. So video editing has been a key part of how we were able to build our business and has been a major point of difference in the product that we deliver.

While most of our projects are produced and directed hand in hand with the client, from the very start right through to final delivery, there are occasions where clients come to us to edit footage that has been shot elsewhere. Normally our preference would be that this is professionally shot, but we also know that this can’t always be the case.

It is often underestimated how much a good editor can contribute to a project. Much like a writer, an editor is usually left to their own devices in a dark room, tapping away at the keyboard and putting together the puzzle.

Often a good editors work won’t really be noticed by the average viewer. But their work is a major factor in helping to deliver a message, create a mood, a feeling or an emotional response without the viewer even being aware that they have created or largely contributed to creating that response.

Editing can be slow and expensive but we work very hard with our clients to deliver within their budgets and use our many years of video editing experience to provide them with a solution that not only meets their creative and marketing needs but also their financial needs.

So if you’re looking for video editing in Geelong you need go no further than our great team. So get in contact here and see what we can do for you.