You can’t go past our team in Geelong for Video Production Services

December 13, 2016

Having worked in video and television production for as long as the crew at The Tribe has, means we’re able to provide video production services in Geelong and the surrounding areas to our clients, that adapt to a wide range of situations and needs.

Many of our competitors have their areas of specialty, such as documentary style shooting or the use of a DSLR. But we pride ourselves on supplying you with a range of skills that adapt to your needs, rather than your needs having to adapt to our skills.

To show how diverse (and adventurous) we can be, here’s just a snippet of some our work of late:

  • biomedical type shooting – documenting a calf autopsy
  • under water shoots
  • helicopter shoots – yep, we hung out the side of a helicopter for a project in Melbourne!

So not only do we have to change our thinking caps everyday to suit the job we are working on, we literally have to change into the appropriate attire too!

But of course we also do corporate work, where we’ve been fortunate to rub shoulders and work with people that are well known in the public eye, such Billy Brownless, Rebecca Maddern, Geelong Cats defender Harry Taylor and AFL boss Gillon McLachlan; through to smaller packages to help small businesses boost their rankings on google.

The Tribe is passionate about delivering you professional video production no matter your budget or your needs. So if you’re looking for video production services that’s adaptable and professional, don’t be shy! Contact us here.