We can help with all aspects of Event Video in Geelong and beyond

December 7, 2016

When planning that special event for your business or social occasion, a lot of thought and organisation usually goes into it. The presentation of the tables, the catering, the venue, the music, the dress code, and with many events, there’s even some form of video presentation included.

But as with anything, getting the right team together to work with you and really add to your event to make it that something special is key to having the impact that you really want.

The team at The Tribe are so much more than just an audio video company, and so much more than just videography. Our television production background, coupled with years of film and video production experience means that we have the expertise to really add to the showmanship for your event.

√ We can produce video packages in the lead up to your event to help you promote and encourage greater attendance and participation.

√ We can produce video packages for playing on big screens on the day or night of your event.

√ We can help you with the audio visual presentation on the day of the event.

√ We can work as a producing and directing team to help ad some pazazz and style.

Your event is a PRODUCTION! Your event is an EXTRAVAGANZA!!


It’s there to make a splash, to make an impression. And whether that’s on a large or a small budget we can help make your show light up and stand out.

So if you’re looking for more than just audio visual or a little bit of videography assistance, or you want to add some professional showmanship via any form of video to your event, we can help you do that!

Get in touch with us here and we can begin to plan your very own production! But in the mean time enjoy this short clip showing just a tiny example of what we can do.