We introduce to you another member of our team at The Tribe

November 30, 2016

This week we introduce to you all another member of our tribe who has been hiding in the background for a little while now – Belinda Grixti.

Belinda began with The Tribe way back in 2007, working as a full time writer on a variety of our programs which sold in more than 200 countries.

But in 2010 she decided it was time to go back to her studies, where she would be taught the creative and technical sides of becoming a professional screenwriter. Gaining knowledge and skills through the many industry professionals there, as well as being taught the principles of comedy writing by none other than the comedy legend himself, Tim Ferguson of the Doug Anthony Allstars, Belinda graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Professional Screenwriting from RMIT University.

With persistent and patients, she gained industry placement on Series 2 of It’s a Date through Princess Pictures; as well as spending some time with Gristmill, the team behind Upper Middle Bogan and The Librarians.

Since then she has been busy honing her skills – networking, attending events through the Australian Writers Guild and spending many nights in her trackie pants, oversized jumpers and ugg boots, tapping away at the keyboard developing her own ideas, or staring in frustration at a blank screen in front of her.

In early 2016 we were very fortunate to have Belinda re-join The Tribe, writing blogs, assisting with marketing, the odd camera work and being an all round awesome production assistant.

It’s fantastic having her back on board and no doubt many of you will come to know her over the coming months and years.