The Tribe welcomes a new friendly face to the production team

November 24, 2016

It’s with great delight and definitely our pleasure that we announce a new member to The Tribe team – Jake Yeaman.

With a Diploma of Screen from SAE Institute and an Advanced Diploma in Multimedia, Jake is our double threat. He brings with him extensive experience in television, video and documentary production, while also being a master in the edit suite; adding to the breadth of what can be offered by The Tribe to our customers.

His recent projects have included a number of documentaries, along with an off-road car racing program series for free-to-air channel 7Mate; as well as spending several years filming snowboarding throughout Europe.

A lover of the surf, Jake now calls Torquay home, where he divides his time between catching that perfect wave and capturing that perfect shot.

With a fantastic eye for beautifully shot documentary and film style footage, Jake loves the opportunity to mix and match lenses and cameras to get that ideal look.

So we’re super excited to have him on board, adding to our team in a more formal and regular way. And we look forward to many of you out there meeting him and getting to know his smiley face, while enjoying the extra creativity and production experience that he brings to our team.