Western General Bodyworks Group call on The Tribe for video production in Geelong

March 12, 2017

Recently The Tribe was approached by a group who enquired about video production. That group was Western General Bodyworks Group, a chain of panel beating shops throughout Geelong, Melbourne and Queensland.

Unlike most clients for The Tribe, ranking on Google for a panel beating shop isn’t quite their main priority, as most of their clients don’t come to them via a Google search. While they are trying to educate the public that they can get better results for the owner of a damaged vehicle if approached directly in the case of an accident, the fact still remains that most of their work comes via insurance companies, with the customer approaching the insurance company first and then approaching the panel beater.

So the conversations with with Western General Bodyworks Group (let’s say WGBG for short) focused on a couple of points:

  • Firstly, about how to engage customers in a social media and online environment, and
  • Secondly, about educating the potential customers about better or alternative ways of seeking and utilising the service of a panel beater.

As a result, rather than designing videos to integrate into a digital strategy built around keywords (as is our usual mantra), WGBG required a different mindset of developing a strategy to build a series of 5 videos:

  • 2 of which would be designed to grab the attention of the audience and customers, and
  • 3 of which would start a series of educational videos, all with the view of extending to produce further videos down the track.

The 2 attention grabbers would not only be great at grabbing attention, but they would also open the door for everyone involved to have a bit of fun. And we love the sound of that!

They’re not only going to be great fun to watch, they’re going be great fun to make! And all of the crew at The Tribe and WGBG are excited about the proposition!

Once produced these videos will be distributed via social media – Facebook, Instagram, you tube, website, blogs and any other avenue open to the group, with the view of initially just gaining some attention for the brand.

The plan is for our team to wave their magic wand and use some special techniques (or SFX to sound fancy), and abracadabra zipodeedoodah, a damaged car is turn into a fully repaired car right before your eyes!! Why thank you, we thought that was impressive too!

But of course this isn’t all just about having fun; it’s about educating the audience while having fun!

While most of what we do today is about ranking on Google, we have an extensive background in video production and still love playing around with different ideas and techniques. We can advise clients and produce a product to help them achieve whatever their marketing goals are and we’re so excited and look forward to doing exactly that with the team at WGBG.

Make sure you keep an eye out for their videos and be sure to get in touch with us if you want to look at different ways video can help your marketing goals.