Business Video, Geelong

November 21, 2017

Businesses large and small all over the globe harness the might of video production. There are a myriad of benefits for documenting business activities through video. Video is an accurate record of events, enables the information disseminated during a presentation or event to be shared via a wider audience, video greatly aids the recollection information and allows viewers to revisit, review and refer. It also allows viewers to access the information at a time and place that suits them.


Business video can also vary in styling, design, duration, purpose and outcome. At The Tribe, we have worked with many businesses, over many years to produce video to meet the needs of our clients.


We have produced:

  • Corporate event presentation video



  • Tailored social media business video



  • Stylised corporate business video:
  • and a range of others.

Each client and situation has different requirements. This is where The Tribe’s many years of video production experience in everything from broadcast to social media comes to the fore. The corporate event presentation video examples above employ a multi-camera, live switch via a vision mixer technique. While smaller in scale, this technique is the same as that used for live television coverage and is often thought of in the corporate world as AV services. We use this technique to record live events and feed big screens at events and can incorporate video replays and computers hosting things such as powerpoint slides.




Other techniques might require single camera use – to gather footage for editing after the event. We have a number of cameras all of which offer different features – allowing us to provide our clients with the correct tools for the job.


In addition to our camera gear – we also have lighting and audio gear amongst an array of other equipment – this ensures we are able to best adapt to your needs.


At The Tribe, we bring over 30 years of experience to our clients and deliver nothing but the most professional services and products.


If you are considering the use of business video – we’d love to discuss it with you! Contact us now to start a conversation!