e-Learning video, Geelong

October 19, 2017

Video is a powerful learning tool. Statistics tell us that recollection of information from video is higher than reading mountains of text.

We live in a highly stimulating world! Demands on our time are greater and efficiency is key. Using video as a teaching tool not only maintains engagement but guarantees the correct and relevant information is relayed every time. Video aids recollection of the relevant information by staff.

It is therefore no surprise that The Tribe has seen a flood of e-learning video production activity from large corporations to small businesses. Clients are utilising video tutorials in a number of ways – from a straight forward YouTube clip and website embedding, through to Learning Management System (LMS) incorporation.

The Tribe has produced e-learning videos for a number of clients over the years but Agriculture Victoria has been a consistent client that has seen the power of e-learning videos first hand. Spanning content from Weapon Safety and Sale Yard Management, through to Fertiser Management and Long Term Weather Forecasting (The Tribe has proudly produced a range of videos for the award winning Very Fast Break) right thought to a calf autopsy!

Still don’t believe us that e-learning can be beneficial for both management and their staff? Check out this little collection of clips we’ve put together from all our jobs with Agriculture Victoria. This clip highlights some of the informational and gory action!

WARNING If you have a weak stomach, don’t watch all the way ‘til the end!!


For those with a weak stomach, check out these articles all about the science behind using e-learning videos.





We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to ensure the correct learning outcomes.

If you would like more information about e-learning video production or to discuss you’re next big project – contact us now – we’ll look forward to discussing your needs.