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Tt Counteracting Negative Media

Counteracting negative media, Geelong

March 12, 2020 While negative media can be an instrument that leads to positive outcomes, sadly, we often hear clients speak of negative media that they strongly feel is unjustified. Often, there are accusations of cheap journalism focused more on deadlines, sensationalism, and quantity, rather than quality. Modern media professionals are indeed often under the pump. The pressure...
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Warrnambool Aged Care Videos & Digital Consulting

February 26, 2020 Aged Care is a growing market in Australia and deservedly has received plenty of attention in the public eye in recent years. Warrnambool boasts some of the best care available in the country with Lyndoch Living forging from strength to strength. It seems the modern era of Aged Care has awoken a sleeping giant in...
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Colac Area Health CEO, Geoff Iles retirement video package

February 12, 2020 Amongst a host of other events The Tribe proudly produced for Colac Area Health in 2019, was the retirement of their almost legendary Geoff IIles, CEO of Colac Area Health. Our work with Colac Area Health (CAH) began in 2017, when The Tribe was approached to produce a short series of videos focusing on the various...
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Colac Manufacturer Video Production and Social Media Project

January 29, 2020 With the downturn in manufacturing in Australia, it’s been pleasing to have been involved with a Colac Manufacturer video production and social media project and the documentation of some new product developments over the last 18 months. Our role is to video document the processes of creating the new product, producing marketing and digital content...
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Video Camera Work, Geelong

January 22, 2020 The Tribe is a video production company based in North Geelong that specialises in all facets of video production. Established in 1993, working mainly within the Television and Film sectors of the industry, our experience is extensive. In a fast-moving industry, the video production game is always on the move and subject to change. Not...
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Export preparation using video, Geelong

September 24, 2019 The work being done by government to negotiate various free trade agreements (FTA’s) offers some worthy incentives for Australian businesses. Tariff reductions, or removal, can greatly increase Australian business competitiveness in foreign markets. There is a host of assistance available via Austrade and other government arms associated with FTA’s. Their recommendations include a host of suggestions...
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Strategic planning, execution and video inclusion, Geelong

September 12, 2019 Strategic planning and execution can be tricky, and the practice of assessing data and long term planning complex. The development of a suitable plan, and then the execution of that plan requires big-picture perspective and discipline. From a small business point of view this type of strategic planning and execution is often left to the...
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Video Production Cost, Warrnambool

July 30, 2019 Providing a straight answer to the question of ‘what will a video cost?’ can be tricky. I often liken it to asking, ‘what will a new kitchen for my house will cost?’ Now, I know I can go down to Bunnings in Warrnambool and get a kitchen for $3,000 and install it myself. Perhaps ending...
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YouTube, Colac

July 16, 2019 If you’re a Colac business looking to use YouTube video to promote your goods or services, chances are you’re on the right track! There’s a lot of good reasons for using YouTube video.  YouTube video is excellent search engine optimisation content.  Video is an excellent way to show people what you do, rather than just...
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Digital Advice Consultant, Warrnambool

July 2, 2019 The world of digital advice can be complicated and confusing! As the internet has positioned itself to seemingly dominate the world, the onslaught of digital advice seems to come from all corners, often baffling us with what seems to be high-tech geek speak! After 30 years in the media game & working all over the...
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