Corporate videos Geelong

May 26, 2023

In order to achieve an effective result, corporate video Geelong needs to represent the client business in an appropriate style and form.

An inappropriate style choice is likely to misrepresent the client in the eye of the customer. A key part of the craft of filmmaking in the corporate space, is to resist the temptation to follow a creative path forsaking the goals set for the project. It is important to sit down and define the goals early. Setting out why we are making the video and what we aim to achieve by creating it. Who will watch it and what information will they be needing from it. Once these and other goals have been set, we can move onto considering how we achieve these aims. We would consider factors such: – as visual style and impact – music choice if any – voice or talent style – graphic impact and need. All factors that need to be taken into account.

In most cases, our message needs to be clear and concise. It is very important to establish the message that needs to be told. This may call for a clearly defined script – or a story telling/documentary style may be more suitable – others lean towards a hard sell with a strong call to action.

While far from complete, these are all things to consider before we begin. Once we have assessed and understand the aims we can structure our production decisions & processes and get to work! A key part of the art is communication. Good communication begins with understanding our client needs and finishes with a video that tells the right story.

If you’re keen to talk to us about telling your story, please get in touch! We’ll look forward to speaking with you.