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Google Voice To Text For Video, Geelong

June 18, 2019 Video is a very powerful tool, ever since the advent of television the power of video has been evident, and sat as the king of marketing tools. Even today, the average person has trouble taking their eyes off the screen when video is playing nearby. Take a look the next time you’re in a pub...
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Video in a hurry, Geelong

June 4, 2019 In our game, we often hear the words ‘you’re only as good as your last gig’! Which flippantly refers to the thought of many in the industry, particularly in the freelance world, who believe that how they are perceived is based mainly on their last job! It means they need to take pride in everything...
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Ranking on Google, Warrnambool

May 21, 2019 I was sitting with the wife the other night thinking about what we might do over Easter, so I went on Google to search ‘Easter festivals Victoria’. A few weeks ago, I was fixing something on my motorcycle, so I went onto Google and searched ‘new clutch cable Honda CB900’. Recently our fridge died, so...
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Digital Strategy, Colac

May 7, 2019 Managing a digital strategy, or a plan on how to manage online activity, can get complicated. While once focused on television and film work, this day and age The Tribe’s core focus is producing video for online use. Video used online is an incredibly powerful tool, however, many clients fail to utilise the full power...
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Explainer Video, Geelong

April 23, 2019 The term ‘explainer video’ is a relatively new one and basically means a short video that explains a product, service, process or otherwise communicates a message. Usually, but not always, animated, the term ‘explainer video’ is essentially a new name for a long-standing ,product. In the past referred to as an ‘ad’ or corporate video....
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Video and the Sales Machine, Geelong

April 16, 2019 The Tribe makes videos; they’re good, they’re tidy, professional videos. But, the reality is, most clients only partially commit to the journey they start when they think to themselves, ‘let’s make a video!’ Most say something like, ‘We want a video. We want it to look a little bit like this, and to talk about...
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Web Video, Geelong

April 9, 2019 One billion. 1,000,000,000. One-thousand million. It’s a big number! That number is how many hours worth of YouTube Web Video is watched every single day! It’s an incredibly big number. It’s not surprising that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, only being outstripped by Google. And as you will have learned from other...
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Digital Strategy, Warrnambool

March 23, 2019 The term digital strategy can sound a bit daunting – a bit complex – but it doesn’t need to be. A digital strategy is simply a plan on how you tackle digital content or online content. This content might include blogging or updating news stories on your website. It might include Facebook posts or LinkedIn...
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Video Production Costs, Geelong

March 12, 2019 As there are many factors to consider, video production costs in Geelong can vary wildly. Firstly, would be the level of professionalism you require in your video. Obviously, if you were to pick up a mobile phone and record a 30-second spiel of yourself on video, it would be a very cheap way to make...
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Video Editing

Video, Geelong

February 12, 2019 In this day and age, there are so many good reasons for producing video for your business. Video is an excellent way to engage your potential customers and provide a quick snapshot of what it is you do. Statistics show us that engagement via video is at an all-time high, and so while it makes...
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