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Learning Content, Geelong.

August 16, 2018 Vivid, stimulating, engaging learning content is vital to maintain a learner’s interest and concentration. This leads to better retention of the information presented. Video enables detailed illustration of physical details and delivers powerful portrayals of spoken messages and mannerisms, and therefore, is a valuable tool in this goal. In order to achieve these benefits however,...
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Digital Strategy, Warrnambool

August 2, 2018 Keen to build a successful digital strategy but finding it all a bit too confronting? Well, here’s a guide for the uninitiated. Step One: Website It must be: Search engine optimised Hosted by a company that will be accountable for your site to ranking on Google & that company should provide you with regular Google...
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Reasons To Use Video, Geelong

July 19, 2018 In days gone by, books and written information were the fountain of learning. And while that is still true today, the lifestyles people lead have become so very busy, inundated with so much information, written and otherwise, that we need to be creative in how we communicate information to our audience. Written information is still...
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Welcome to our 17/18 – 4th quarter e-Newsletter Video Update!

July 10, 2018 Well, we saw a busy finish to the 17/18 year with jobs spread right through our neck of the woods – from Warrnambool to Geelong & Torquay to Bannockburn! And with our cameras shooting everything from winery visits, to scientific high pressure gas main tests, to Deakin lectures and night time fishing cruises, the variety...
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Video Coverage, Geelong

June 29, 2018 At The Tribe we specialise in video coverage for all sorts of events. We’ve covered events ranging from sport, to university lectures, to public presentations, to informal catch ups. And with over 25 years experience in broadcast television and video production, we know the right way to tackle your event. The video coverage we produce...
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Digital Strategy, Colac

June 7, 2018 A digital strategy is a catchy term for a plan outlining how and where to take your business online. At The Tribe we work with businesses ranging from Colac to Geelong, Winchelsea to Warrnambool. These businesses all work differently, and all with varied strategies. Some are casual and relatively straight forward, others are much more...
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The Tribe 17/18 Quarterly Video Update – Q3

May 29, 2018 Contact The Tribe today, and talk to us about how regular quarterly updates can help you keep your clients and financial supporters up to date. Letting them know what your business has been up too in the past quarter.

Regular Video Inclusion, Geelong

May 29, 2018 Online content needs to engage your audience. Whether the content entertains, informs or teaches; regular inclusion of fresh content creates quality engagement. It builds a relationship and familiarity, with people coming back for more. Video content is one of the most engaging forms of content online. The figures associated with video viewing online are staggering....
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Video Production, Warrnambool

May 22, 2018 Established in 1993, The Tribe is a video production company with a wealth of experience. While traditionally our core focus was video production for broadcasting on television, our focus has changed with the times and is now firmly on the internet. Our video production expertise is extensive, and our services range from multi camera live...
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YouTube Production, Geelong

May 10, 2018 YouTube is still the king of video content on the internet. So much so that platforms that in the past were not interested in video have now changed tack. Two examples are Instagram and Facebook. Both established for anything other than video. Both now using video. Why is that, you may well ask! The growth...
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