Kids, Farms, Financial Planners, and Bees. Video Production Geelong

March 17, 2022

Love our work!

One of the many things we love about our work at The Tribe is huge amount of variety we are lucky enough to experience as we ply our trade! The wide array of people & businesses we work with is a joy to see. Just this year we have produced video & digital content containing music for kids, we’ve worked on farms, shot video with an environmental sustainability business, helped financial planners, and donned the safety gear to shoot with beekeepers. We’ve helped promote community banks, launched  drones to capture classic MG cars, updated new home buyers on the progress of their dream home, blogged about steel priming and stitched together podcasts about climate! Phew! We’re exhausted just listing it all! You name it – it looks like we’ve done it! But we don’t only love the variety of work –  the people we meet as we travel the country is the real highlight. We love our work!

This is a video we produced for Landserv just prior to Christmas. Our brief was to try and take what might be considered a ‘dry’ kind of message and make it look engaging!

We’re pretty happy with the result!

We love doing what we do – video production & digital consulting. We’d love to do it with you too!

Get in touch if you think we can help add your business to the range!