Mini DV Conversion, Geelong

April 1, 2024

Have you ever gone through old boxes of storage only to find a handful of treasured moments kept in a tiny video tape recording? So many countless, important memories stored in a digital recording that may seem forever lost.

In 1995, the Mini DV was a hit and was one of the smallest video recordings in the market! And while technology has moved on to “better” things such as handy digital videos shared over the “cloud”, this certainly doesn’t mean that videos stored through the Mini DV are gone forever.

Can you imagine being able to see your old home recorded videos again? Well, it’s possible with The Tribe’s Mini DV conversion in Geelong.

The Tribe offers Mini DV conversion to mp4 which is the most commonly used video format on modern TV, computer, and AV systems. Delivered to you on hard drive or USB, the new version video file can be saved to your system and easily shared with others. It’s the perfect gift for family and friends!

Save your precious memories before the Mini DV tapes degrade. Convert your Mini DV tapes at The Tribe, give us a call or drop us an email. We look forward to speaking with you.