Anglesea Social Media Event Video Coverage

September 23, 2013

The Tribe owns the exclusive online video rights to a number of events.

For each event, we attend and produce a video highlights package that is then sent out via the event company’s social media. The packages are married to a sponsor – who also feed it out via social media – capitalising on the wide viewer interest!

This is an example:

It’s moody & has some interesting imagery! It’s the video highlights of the Midlands Tour 2013!
Part of the Victorian Road Series run by CV and the Footscray CC – and raced at the Australian Automotive Research Centre — a motor vehicle test site near the back of Anglesea in Victoria, riders were spoilt with some fantastic roads — all to themselves! No cars — just bikes!!
A fast, technical decent, followed with an upward kick that even had a section of dirt road for some variety, formed part of a challenging Highway Circuit.
As always — we loved making it! & hope you love watching it!!