World’s best practice video communication, Geelong

July 1, 2015

If you’re looking for best practice video communication in Geelong, The Tribe are proud to be your local experts. We’ve worked with businesses of different sizes, across a range of sectors to create high-quality, engaging content. We’ve even worked with the Victorian Government.

The Tribe was asked to produce a series of video communication updates called The Very Fast Break. The aim of the program – to bring science to the people, in an easy to understand, friendly way.

Working with Graeme Anderson and Dale Grey from the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, The Tribe help produce The Very Fast Break, summarising oceanic and atmospheric climate drivers and modelling predictions for rainfall and temperature within Victoria.

To our delight, Graeme was recently interviewed about the creative video communication by Kirk Englehardt, Director of Research Communication and Marketing for the Georgia Institute of Technology.


The interview focuses on the fun, casual style of video communication used in The Very Fast Break – simplifying weather science using simple and easy-to-understand terms, followed by a quirky gag or joke to further illustrate the science.


Kirk presented the style of communication used in The Very Fast Break as a best practice example for scientists around the globe, and the perfect way to break down barriers and communicate to their audiences.


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