Search Engine Optimisation Content, Geelong

October 27, 2015

Search Engine Optimisation is an important factor to building a successful business website, but many people find this term confusing. Search Engine Optimisation is a simple process that allows search engines such as Google to easily categorise your website, making it easier for people to search for your goods and services.
Search Engine Optimisation is a basic service that is provided by any good visited design company. The Geelong based company Goop, a frequent partner of The Tribe and the architects of our Website, provide outstanding Search Engine Optimisation services to their clients.
One of Goop’s most emphasised teachings is to frequently update your website content; as this allows Google to see that you are an active business and will rank you higher against less-frequently updated competitors.
The Tribe has become experts in providing video updates as Search Engine Optimised material, as our videos are built around our client’s keywords and we assist in blogging and uploading our videos to make sure your business has maximum visibility.
This video is an example of one such product made for Goop but it also goes into greater detail about this process; as this service is something that the company specialises in.