Google Voice to Text For Video, Geelong

March 31, 2016

Google rankings are an important factor for any business in this day and age; as we all say “just Google it!” And now, the importance of including You Tube video posts in a digital strategy to ensure a good ranking, has taken a great leap forward thanks to technological advances at Google.

Our good mates at Goop, Bruce Lawson and Karl Morris, recently travelled to San Jose, California, to attend the SMX West – Search Marketing Expo; as well as visiting Google headquarters, which, for any SEO enthusiast like them and us, is very exciting! On their return we gained some fascinating and exciting information, that’s not only great news for us, but for any business out there interested in ranking well on Google and using video to do it.

But what’s so fascinating and exciting? Well, put simply, Google now understands the words you’re using in your videos!

They have developed their speech recognition software to a point, where soon, videos that are posted on You Tube will automatically be converted into text. Our search abilities on Google have always been based on the description that we associated with the video; but the words in the actual video, Google was unable to hear. Basically, it didn’t understand what the people in the video were saying! But now it can!

Google’s software is now to a point where it can actually recognise and hear the words being said in your video; meaning if someone is searching for a product that you offer or specialise in, and they’re searching in your area, your videos are going to rank really well, because it’s going to be exactly what they’re looking for!

So what does that mean from The Tribe’s point of view? It means that the videos we produce for you, as our clients, are now even more effective than they were before. We can deliver you a product that helps your business rank well on Google and therefore get more enquiries and more sales.

To enquire about how you can rank well on Google, check out what we can offer you and drop us a line on our contact us page.