Drone Video, Geelong

April 21, 2016

At The Tribe, we specialise in all types of video. Whether it’s for television, corporate use or online use; if it’s video, we can supply it!

Over the last few years we’ve seen a huge rise in the interest of using drones to capture footage, and there are some fantastic examples of how they can be used! However, there are some downfalls that can come along with it. For commercial purposes, once airborne, there is a requirement to be licensed and correctly insured. Without all this, it can become a costly exercise if something goes wrong. A risk not worth taking!

So let’s get to the point! In a nutshell, this all means that if we need drone footage, it can be pricey, starting at around $1700-$2000 a day! And that’s not including editing or producing the video! But don’t stress, there are some quite legal and viable alternatives! Below we’ve put together a little snippet of what looks like drone footage, but in fact, was all shot without actually being airborne! So if you think this package gives you the look you’re after – the illusion of a drone, at a price that might suit your hip pocket a bit more, then get in touch with us.

But don’t forget, if it’s drone footage you want, and budget isn’t a problem, then of course we can do that for you too!