New Studio, Geelong

May 13, 2016

We’re very happy to announce that last week, after months – scratch that – years of planning, we’ve finally moved into our new studio.

After receiving delivery from the builder, months of lining and preparing, sound and light proofing and a little bit of TLC, we’ve moved. And just like every move, there’s stuff everywhere, but it’s organised chaos, it’s operational and we’re extremely happy. Just try to wipe the smilesĀ from our faces!

And to top off a reasonably smooth move (let’s face it, nobody likes moving!), we’ve had a very busy first week, including a ChromaKey shoot with our ChromaKey background on our very first day! A Chroma-what i hear you say? To put it in more common terms, a Green Screen. Just like they use on Star Wars!

Our clients have ranged from state government departments and PR companies, to a couple welding steel sculptures together; also banks, medical practitioners and hospitals. Unfortunately no storm troopers this time around.

But an amazing array of happy customers already in our first week and we couldn’t be more stoked. So if you’re looking for video studio production ability in Geelong, we’d be so very happy to hear from you. Give us a buzz to discuss what we can do for you and please check out our photos of our amazing studio. We’re pretty happy with it and we’re sure you will be too!

Studio - Green Screen Studio - Edit and Sound Studio - Conference Room