Digital Strategy, Colac

June 7, 2018

A digital strategy is a catchy term for a plan outlining how and where to take your business online. At The Tribe we work with businesses ranging from Colac to Geelong, Winchelsea to Warrnambool. These businesses all work differently, and all with varied strategies. Some are casual and relatively straight forward, others are much more complex and technically advanced, much like the business they represent. Though each will generally share some common factors.

Step one is having a SEO’ed website.

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and means that behind the page the client sees, the website needs to be built in a way that’s easy for Google to understand. Google needs to be able to recognise what your website is about and what sort of customers will benefit from being sent your way.

Step two is blogging.

Blogging is the activity of updating your customers. It occurs on a specific page that should be included in your website design. Blogs should be uploaded once a fortnight, and should tell your clients a little about what your business does, and what you’ve been up to. Blogs are another example of SEO content, they are used by Google to help determine your level of expertise, level of activity, locations and other key criteria of your business. By providing your blog page with this information, Google can process and direct customers to the most appropriate site on offer.

Step three is to make good use of the Google owned assets.

Google has purchased and developed several different assets such as Google Plus and YouTube in order to use these assets as pointers to your website, rather than just the search engine itself. Google aims to ensure that when a customer is searching for a certain service or product, that they are sent to the most appropriate site for their needs. In doing so, Google becomes much more reliable and dependable. By purchasing YouTube several years ago, Google recognised the importance of online video. As a result, including video in your digital strategy and embedding it in your blog, as well as uploading to your YouTube channel, greatly increases the success of your Google ranking. Therefore, increasing the success of your digital strategy.

Step four is external digital strategies such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

It’s surprising how many people may build a website but don’t bother SEO’ing it, this is a big mistake! Similarly, if you were to skip the steps of blogging, setting up a Google Plus or a YouTube channel, and instead went straight to Facebook or Instagram, it is a mistake. That said, you may gain some short-term benefit, however, the problem is that being an external asset to Google, Facebook, and others, can change the rules overnight which may cause you to lose all your customers in one foul swoop. Facebook has done this several times in the past, and as you are most likely aware, has been embroiled with its fair share of controversy. While Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn certainly have their strengths, they truly are a part of step four or even lower within a sensible digital strategy.

Video is a significant part of any good digital strategy, meaning ranking success and clients finding you first. The Tribe specialises in video production. We don’t just do it on the side of our main business – video production is all we do – making us very, very good at it!

So, if you’d like to chat with us about incorporating a good, strong video into your digital strategy, contact us at The Tribe. We hope to talk to you soon.