Web Video, Geelong

April 9, 2019

One billion.


One-thousand million.

It’s a big number!

That number is how many hours worth of YouTube Web Video is watched every single day! It’s an incredibly big number. It’s not surprising that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, only being outstripped by Google. And as you will have learned from other The Tribe blogs, Google owns YouTube. But in a recently discovered blog, new to our eyes at The Tribe anyway, published by Link-Assistant,
the new advice is to treat videos as the new content king.

Screen Shot 2019 04 09 At 11.00.25 Am

This blog from Link-Assistant is for SEO experts to hone their skills and talk ‘SEO talk’.  SEO is the art of search engine optimisation, and requires remaining abreast of how Google searches the internet and ranks websites, thereby
enabling users to find what they’re looking for; and so, it’s important for anybody using the internet, and wanting to be found, to include SEO within their strategy.  The blog goes on the explain that while content, that is the written and visual information contained on your website, is still vitally important, video is fast becoming the most important form of content. The benefits are quite staggering and as you can see via the Link-Assistant blog, found here – Link Assistant.  The details can seem a little complex. Very exciting but complex – but complexity aside – the message is web video is key to online success!

At The Tribe we don’t just produce video for the sake of making something look pretty. Our aim is that our clients’ web video adds to their SEO and the likelihood of their customers finding them. So not only are we video production experts at The Tribe, but we’re
also pretty handy with digital strategy. A key part of our service is to discuss our clients’ needs and desires to help them become an on online success.

Making good web video is more than just picking up a camera and knowing how to do some editing. It’s strategic – it’s purposeful – and we can help you take the right steps.

So if you’re looking for web video in Geelong, get in touch with us at The Tribe and we’ll look forward to speaking with you.