Monthly Archive: January 2022

Stock Footage Geelong

Geelong City Waterfront, Stock Video

January 31, 2022 Our Geelong city waterfront stock video shows this seaside Victorian hotspot in glorious early morning light. As our drone gently pulls back over the Geelong waterfront, the boats on moorings sit on glassy still water. Looking east from Drumconda is the view of Point Henry and Drysdale in the distance. The 4k video captures the...
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DOP Stock Videos

Geelong Waterfront Boats, Stock Video

January 28, 2022 The waterfront, one of the most popular tourist sites in Geelong. The Tribe’s Geelong waterfront boats stock video shot features a drone lifting up to show boats on moorings sitting on glassy still water. Discernible in the background is Cunningham Pier & Royal Geelong Yacht Club. Dark shadows are thrown over the water. The early...
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